Monday, October 13, 2014

Recent Travels

It seems pointless to start off another post by saying its been a while since the last post, because that's kinda the way I start out most posts. Sorry for the inconsistency. Wi-fi is scarce these days, but that's okay. About 4 weeks ago we left the sweet little town of Tupper in NY and got to make a little detour to see the grand Niagara. Randy had never seen it before so it was cool experiencing it together. 
We spent a few short weeks camped outside of Chicago. I'm sad to say I didn't get any pictures while we were there. So now moving on southwest a bit, we are parked in Springfield, Missouri for the time being. We are thankful to keep moving south as the days are getting colder. 
I'm reminded everyday what a sweet blessing it is getting so much time with my wonderful husband. He is such a gift! I know this season of travels will be very short in comparison, so I just want to soak it up. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New York City

(Fresh pastries for breakfast--and Dunkin Donuts :) )
(The Freedom Tower-or the new World Trade Center)
(Brooklyn Bridge)
(Visiting the 9-11 Memorial)
(Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge)
(Grand Central Station)
Randy got an extra long weekend from work this past weekend so we took the drive down to where my parents are living now in Brooklyn. We saw a lot of the major sites, saw a few of my siblings, and got to meet up with some of our friends from California who were also in the city for a bit. 
It was a fun, busy weekend and a very different change of scenery from Tupper Lake. :) 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Avion Reno: the Bedroom

Our 30 year old Avion was in great shape when we bought it, the previous owners having done a few updates. However a lot of it still had a lot of originals: curtains, cabinets, bathroom, upholstery.
We would like to keep a lot of the original wood, but there are definitely some things we would like to update as we have the time and resources.
The first big project was the bedroom.
honestly, this wasn't the very before look. There was an ugly pink cushion on the wall all around the room with a carpet covering underneath that. All of that was removed as well as the curtains that covered all the upper wall space. I was hoping to open the space up visually and brighten it by using all whites. I'll eventually add some colorful decor, though I'm nervous to add anything that will just take up space. Our small space is precious. :)
Here are some more photos of the process, if you're interested. :)
Do you have any suggestions for pops of color I can add? I'd love to hear what you think. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Living Simply//Living Small

Simplistic living has been on my mind quite a bit lately, but for obvious reason: it's the only option. And I love it! 
But I've definitely had to make adjustments and learn this art, and continue to learn. Here are a few of those things I'm learning (in no particular order)

-I may have to dwindle down my wardrobe to a few practical outfits and choose carefully when I do any clothes shopping. There's only room for so much. 

-It's ok to throw a baseball cap on instead of styling my hair every now and then. 

-Buying 4-5 lbs of chicken and cutting, marinading and freezing for a whole week of meals makes meal planning so much simpler.

-Get the most use out of an outfit before tossing it in the laundry (within clean hygienic standards, of course) since laundromat visits are on a weekly basis. 

-It's kinda fun to wash rugs in the bathtub (see previous bullet point). 

-Only one vehicle? No big deal, I'll ride my bike to the grocery and stuff my tiny backpack as full as I can get it! Besides it's like killing two birds with one stone: exercise AND grocery shopping. 

-Enjoy the ride! Eventually it will be over.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tupper Town

This town has little more than a drugstore and post office, but the kind souls we've met make up for what the town lacks. 
We're parked with other travelers and locals lakeside, but this campground is more of a community than a campsite. Neighbors bring us firewood and offer their boats to us. Last night we got to meet fellow southerners from the Carolinas! Their tiny "egg" trailer was the main attraction of the campground. As I entered for a grand tour of the 10x8 space, the lady exiting commented, "the camper is adorable, the stories are even better!" And she was right. A dear couple invited us in and we made fast friends. We invited them in our "home" too, and later we entertained more strangers. We hugged goodbye to our new friends and smiled. Maybe we can bless others we meet all over the country welcoming them in the Avion. 
You're a dandy town, Tupper. We're enjoying our stay!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Sentimentality and expression of emotion don’t always come easily for me. I’m a pretty Plain Jane kinda girl. No nonsense, no drama, let’s-all-be-logical, that’s the way I like it. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve cried on my husband’s shoulders many times, so it’s not like I got nothin!
I’ve never been very good at journaling and definitely not making it all fancy sounding. But here I am in an attempt to get a little expressive, sentimental, and maybe a bit emotional.

Why this attempt? Last October, my husband Randy began a career with a specialty rock building company. We had just moved cross-country from our beloved home in California all the way to Greenville, SC. Having barely settled in our current jobs, and new apartment, Randy says, “the company wants me to go to Delaware with them for another rock job.” Um, okay! Great! Awesome, this is a wonderful career choice, pay raise, makes sense, let’s do it--that was my initial response. Two months in the dead frigid winter, living in a Delaware hotel, I wasn’t so sure anymore. I was bored. I left my job, friends, church, family, comfort zone. Comfort zone. This was a new life. One I hadn’t really signed up for. Nope.

Fast forward almost a year, roughly 5 more states, and several months of living in hotel rooms. Okay, this isn’t SO bad. We’re getting to see family along the way, beautiful states we’ve never been to, maybe I could get used to this. After a failed attempt to buy a house in Greenville to come back to between jobs, we decided to purchase a traveling home. Yep, a 35 foot, 30 year old silver Avion trailer. For the first time in MONTHS, I took a deep breath and felt like we were “home!” This home that we could take to Louisiana, South Carolina, New York, all without feeling like we left home. No more living out of suitcases and cooking with wretched hotel pots and pans. This 180 square foot palace has been a game changer.

Originally the plan was to travel for a year or two, or until we start getting sick of it. Lately though, the thought of selling our travelling home, and staying in one spot longer than 2 months sounds so...restrictive...stale...boring!

So here we are currently parked in the beautiful Adirondacks in northern New York, soaking up togetherness, sunsets on the lake, and lots of cozy campfires. This is why I’m journaling. These moments are precious, and I don’t want to forget them or worse, take them for granted. LIfe is a grand adventure and full of the Lord’s most wonderful blessings. This online journal is just a collection of my thoughts and our memories. Follow along if you want to be apart of our adventures, no matter how small they may be.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Summer

 Well, this is kinda of a catch up post. For those of you interested in what's going on in our nomadic life, here is a recap of our summer travels. Internet has been quite sparse for us living in various campgrounds, hence the internet silence this last month or so. But we have traded internet/TV time for lots of campfire conversations and evening walks, and would you believe that we love it so much more? Life is too short to not enjoy the tiny adventures of daily life. Well I said this was a summary, so I won't ramble on. :)
We spent a few weeks in July in the hot and humid Shreveport, Louisiana. It was our first trip with the Avion, and we loved having it a long!
Shortly after coming back to Greenville from Louisiana, we took a weekend trip to Edisto Beach on the South Carolina coast with Mark and Sherry.

It would seem friends are more eager to spend time with us when campfires and s'mores are present. ;) We enjoyed lots of fun times at Paris Mountain where we were parked during our time in Greenville. It was so sweet spending time with our friends, Rebekah and Pablo and their new baby, Caleb. 
It's been a wonderful summer in the Avion!